About Me and BloggerMonk.com


Hey there! If you’re reading stuffs on this blog, you probably should have wondered:

  • Who is the guy behind the blog?
  • Is he genuine? or, Why the heck should I follow him?

Nice. I love questions and here I attempt to provide you some damn good answers.

This probably is going to be long, but I’ll try making it real and interesting at the same time.

Let’s get started…

I’m Naman Nepal, and I’m the writer/creator of BloggerMonk.com.

I’ve been inquisitive (or marginally obsessed) with blogging and making money online since 2011 when I was 17 years old. I belong to a middle-class family and I started learning about online businesses and digital marketing right since I hacked my neighbors Wi-Fi and started surfing the internet (I’m an engineering student too- not Computer).

Since then I’ve written, created, authored and developed a lot of things on the internet – some of them are credited to me while most of them are ghost-work. But, I can guarantee that my stuff has helped over a million of bloggers and online marketing enthusiasts.

If that sounds fun. Let’s get to the longer and detailed version of me…

My “Background”

I was a talented student during my high school. I was good as a non-native English speaker/writer ( though I consider myself bad at grammar). From reading stories, novels, poetry, essays or anything, I wrote a number of articles on local magazines and authored some books during college, all of which were course-based.

Long story short, I always wanted to read…and write. Sounds good, right?

But, when I started my Bachelors in Engineering, I was short of money…always. The financial support I received from my family was not enough and I had to seek ways to make money.

I was a frustrated student. I slept late….and woke up late only to miss my classes…and my meal most of the times.

Then it changed…

It was a Sunday morning and I was taking sip of my tea inside a shop. I had a national daily in front of me and I started turning the pages, only to read the headlines.

Making Money Online. That one headline caught my eye and I went through it. A number of freelancing websites were mentioned and I was happy to know that we could make money online by writing contents on those sites. Cool.

But, I did not have an internet connection. I had a laptop, of course. I talked to some of my friends who taught me how to install Backtrack and hack a Wi-Fi password. It took me around 6 hours to install the OS and find seeds or whatever, I don’t even remember what I did. But, it CRACKED! Damn.

The first thing I did was go to odesk (now upwork) and signed up. It took me around 6 hours to find a writing gig that paid me $5 instantly. I started applying to a few more jobs and surfed around 18 hours a day, missed all of my classes and slept only 4 hours for around a month.

At the end of the month, I had $527.34 on my odesk account and that made me feel complete….for a while.

I could now get an internet connection myself and I did not have to worry about my room’s rent or food, or anything that cost money ($1 = 100 Nrs. in Nepal).

Everything was going fine and one fine day….I thought about working independently….and making money, my way!

Starting To “Blog”

I was already using WordPress while working as a freelancer and I knew the basics of what SEO, backlinks and digital marketing meant.

One of my friends, who stayed next to me ‘made’ websites.  I asked him to register me a domain and provide me a hosting account. We made a deal at $50 a year.

I quit all of my writing jobs, closed my profile on odesk and started a blog on ‘Top 10’ things. I quickly did the setup, installed WordPress and a few plugins, used one of free themes…and started hitting my keyboard.

I was already learning ways to find articles and ideas while working for my clients as a freelance writer and I did not have to go through a lot of problems initially as a blogger.

At the end of the first month, I had 12 posts, all published. The end of the third month was a bliss, I applied to Google Adsense, was accepted and was receiving over 5k daily traffic (heck! that’s a lot of traffic without needing to spend a penny on backlinks or SEO and stuff). The first Google Adsense payment I received was of $212.17.

Then after, I delved more into SEO and digital marketing and I’m enjoying my life with it.

My “Accomplishments”

Since 2013, I’ve written a number of articles for several blogs all around the web- most of them being on my own blogs. The best part is my articles have reached a pretty impressive level of popularity and has been mentioned on several sources. For example…

My Work Has Been Featured On…

  • The Huffington Post
  • Life Hack
  • Bustle
  • Heavy
  • Forbes
  • A lot more to remember or even attempt to keep track of.

The Results & Success Stories

All of the mentions, references and link backs that I receive for my blogs means a lot to me, but my BIGGEST achievement so far has to be one of my blog sales that brought me five figures.

That’s what my life is all about…SO FAR!

I guess I’ve answered some of your questions about me that you wanted to know. I surely feel that this should make you comfortable with trusting it all.

If there’s anything more, you can always send me an email stating whatever you want to know. I usually answer in a day or two.